Adult Braces

Why is it so jarring to see adults with braces? Most likely because we expect awkward teens to be wearing them, but there has been a sharp increase in the past 30 years towards more adults going the braces route. Adult braces can give you the smile you may not have cared about as a kid, but certainly, do now

No one should tell you this is an easy, comfortable, quick or cheap option, but the technology has come a long way from the severeness of headgear and gouging metal braces. If a year to three years of braces sounds like a long time, your right, but another 40-50 years of the teeth you’re not happy with sounds way longer.

30 years ago, the main priority for dentists and patients was tooth survival. Now, dental innovation is far beyond what it used to be and teeth are generally stronger and healthier. This allows patients to make aesthetic decisions and go after the smile they’ve always wanted (and smiles full of teeth, to boot)!

Adult braces can do more that get those teeth straight. They can line up your jaw to give you a more comfortable bite, space out crowded teeth and close gaps in your smile. The reason you might want to consider braces will range from comfort to aesthetics, but chat with your buddy the dentist and they’ll help you find the best course of action.

Tips for Adult Braces

Here are some things that you should know and some things to take into consideration before you take the leap into adult braces.

Braces are not a one-and-done procedure: If you are all in for braces you’d better make friends with your dentist because you’ll be seeing them every 4-6 weeks. Adults can be a lot busier than kids, so be prepared for the commitment.

Get that toffee out of your mouth: You will have to be very careful about what you eat. Hard and sticky foods can break the brackets or bury food where you can’t reach it.

Brush and floss longer than ever before: You have to make sure that your teeth are getting sparkling clean so get in there and really put some elbow grease into it.

Adult Braces Alternatives

If you can’t wrap your head around having metal braces in for a year or a few, there are other options you might want to explore:

  • Ceramic braces are made to the colour of your teeth so they will be less noticeable and there are dentists who can adhere them to the back of your teeth so they will not be visible at all. However, beauty comes with a price so expect to pay more if you go this route.
  • Clear aligners are plastic removable trays that will shift your teeth into alignment over time. You can take them out to brush and eat but you also might lose them. Just be mindful. It is crucial that before you order the ones you can get online that you are fully aware of the downfalls of going through a 3rd party product. Do your research to find out if these are a good idea.
  • Veneers are the quickest way to your best smile but they are costly. Check out our post on veneers.

The most important thing in this whole process is to work with your dentist on the best way to move forward. Your oral hygiene needs to be in good health before you get braces and these are the things that your dentist should look for.

The bottom line is that if you are not happy with your teeth, just ask us for what can be done to improve your smile and overall health.

Happy brushing!