Invisalign is a more convenient and easier solution to adjust teeth than traditional metal braces. Invisalign also happens to be less painful than metal braces. Instead of wires, our Invisalign system uses clear aligner trays to correct your teeth.

Invisalign can help correct a number of issues:

  • overcrowding
  • underbite
  • crossbite
  • overbite
  • gaps between teeth

Invisalign has many advantages over metal braces:

  • removable, clear aligners
  • detachable
  • more convenient
  • easy to clean
  • steady movement of teeth

With Invisalign you can also remove the liners for a couple of hours every day (wear aligners a minimum of 22 hours every day for maximum effectiveness).

Aside from cosmetic reasons, aligning your teeth and improving your bite will make it harder for plaque and tartar to stick, making your teeth easier to clean and improving gum health.