Root Canals

When you have a tooth that has been damaged by an accident, cavity or gum disease, a root canal is a procedure used to save the tooth. The problem occurs when dental pulp inside of the tooth is exposed to germs. The germs can cause the tooth to decay quickly, and a root canal allows you to keep your tooth rather than having it extracted.

So if you are experiencing discomfort from gum disease, extensive decay, or tooth trauma, see us as soon as possible. If necessary, we’ll do a root canal that won’t hurt your mouth or your bank account.

Here’s how you know if you have decaying dental pulp:

  • jaw or gum swelling
  • head, neck or ear pain
  • discolouration of the tooth
  • hot and cold food or liquids sensitivity

Call our office if you experience any of these signs. We can act quickly to save the tooth with appropriate root canal therapy if detected early. We’ll do a quick x-ray to check for infection.

Root canals work well. We can fix your tooth quickly and it usually lasts a lifetime.