Sports are great, but so is a healthy smile. You can have both with a mouthguard and regular dental treatments. You should definitely consider a custom mouthguard for contact sports like rugby, hockey, boxing and football.

If you have braces or other orthodontic appliances it’s really important to have a well fitting mouthguard. It can protect the soft tissue inside your mouth from cuts and tears, and keep the wires and brackets of your braces intact.

A custom-fitted mouthguard can also help prevent concussions. A hard blow can slam your teeth together, and that force can impact your brain, triggering a concussion.

When we custom fit your mouthguard we take everything into consideration. We’ll help you select the right mouthguard for your sport. We’ll fit it to your teeth and mouth, making sure your mouthguard doesn’t affect your breathing. It will also be tear-resistant and easy to clean.

Your custom mouthguard will last a long time with the proper care:

  • regularly clean in cool, soapy water
  • do not leave the mouthguard in the sun or hot water
  • clean with a tooth paste and toothbrush
  • rinse prior to, and after, every use
  • use a strong container that has vents to store and transport
  • inspect your mouthguard for wear and tear regularly